Waking Up to See the Dancing Jesus ~ May 12

Mosaic*Mosaic from behind altar of Catholic Church, New Deli, India


        Epiphany Church Hall, 22st & First Ave, May 12


At 8:00 Join us for fresh bagels and coffee and then at:

9:00 WAKE UP to the sunshine of AWARENESS and possibly

SEEING the Dancer. (bring a lunch snack or have another bagel)


At 1:00 discover your HAPPINESS and  LOVE in solitude.

4:00: the opportunity for Mass upstairs at Epiphany Church.



“The Messiah's still around. When did you see him last?"

" I did not know that the sun, the moon, the evening star were the words with which he spoke to me.”

Presented May 12, by Desmond Towey and Karen Venturini, Trustees of the DeMello Stroud Spirituality Center. Donations only.  917-859-1701;  demellostroud@aol.com