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demello1Anthony de Mello

Until his sudden death on June 2, 1987, Fr. Tony de Mello was the director of the Sadhana Institute of Pastoral Counseling near Poona, India.

Author of five bestselling books, renowned worldwide for his workshops, retreats, and prayer courses, he aimed simply to teach people how to pray, how to wake up and live.

Most people, he maintained, are asleep. They need to wake up, open up their eyes, see what is real, both inside and outside of themselves…
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“Silence is not the absence of sound, but the absence of self.”

Anthony de Mello

lovespringsLovesprings: The Way to Love

First time on CD:
Take a walk with Tony deMello. As if he is your spiritual director, Tony, himself, reads specific meditations to you from his popular book, The Way to Love.

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Now on CD:
A series of guided meditations, which can be used as meditation and prayer every day. These meditations are read by Tony himself.

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In print for the first time, Rediscovering Life, is based on a conference given by Tony deMello shortly before his death in 1987 and broadcast to 120 sites in the United States and overseas. With his typical good humor and insightful stories, Tony uncovers the secret to freedom and enduring happiness.

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wtlThe Way to Love

The Way to Love is a series of wonderful meditations representing some of the last of Tony’s writing before his death 25 years ago. In this volume Tony uses quotations from the Christian scriptures to share his insights on the power of love. To love, a person must be free of attachments to self, the world and even to the the beloved. Only in that way are we free to love another human being.

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