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one-minute-wisdomOne Minute Wisdom

One Minute Wisdom will lead from sense to sensitivity from mood to meaning, from thought to feeling. For as Tony is fond of saying “wisdom can come without the slightest effort – – in the time that it takes to open your eyes.”


                                                        NAMED AMONG THE TOP FIFTY SPIRITUAL BOOKS OF 2012

redisRediscovering Life

In print for the first time, Rediscovering Life, is based on a conference given by Tony deMello shortly before his death in 1987 and broadcast to 120 sites in the United States and overseas. With his typical good humor and insightful stories, Tony uncovers the secret to freedom and enduring happiness.


242740-lPraying Naked

By Fr. Stroud “Real people in life don’t get hurt. They thrive on everything that happens to them” and “You cannot be truely grateful and unhappy at the same time.” Still, if you’re looking for a self-help book informed by a cheery, eclectic spirituality, this is for you.”



Often recommended as the first book to read in order to appreciate DeMello. The book is a verbatim record of a four-day conference given by Tony de Mello the year prior to his death. Letters have been written, and telephone calls have been made from literally all over the world attesting to the power this book has had on the life of the one reading it. A typical comment, “I have read this book fifteen times. My mind is still blown. Every time I read it, I discover something new that applies to my life.”


HeartoftheEnlightenmentHeart of the Enlightened

This is the second volume of Tony’s last completed manuscript. The Indian titles for these last two volumes (Taking Flight and Heart of the Enlightened) are “Prayer of the Frog” Vol. I and II


102776832The Song of the Bird

The first book Tony wrote. It is a book on prayer. Contains explanations of different forms of prayer and offers many exercises. It was published in numerous languages and sold more than 100,000 copies in its first printing. Critics have hailed it as a “Masterpiece on Prayer”.



240451-lTaking Flight

Tony’s last completed manuscript delivered to me the last time he came to New York and died. He worked hard on this book and right up to the minute he set out for the USA. It is a book of story meditations, which will engage your heart as well as your mind. A well-known DeMello saying is applicable to this book – “The shortest distance between the human heart and truth is a story.”


400000000000000466022_s41Way to Love (paperback pocketbook)

Tony was asked to write some meditations in prose, rather than in story (his usual format). He died before finishing the book, but the thirty or more that were completed are gems. Doubleday subtitled the book, “The Last Meditations of Tony de Mello.” It is a thin manuscript, but every page speaks volumes.


waytoloveThe Way to Love

The Way to Love is a series of wonderful meditations representing some of the last of Tony’s writing before his death 25 years ago. In this volume Tony uses quotations from the Christian scriptures to share his insights on the power of love. To love, a person must be free of attachments to self, the world and even to the the beloved. Only in that way are we free to love another human being.


wellsprings (1)Wellsprings

A series of guided meditations, which can be used as meditation and prayer every day. They are also on audiotape read by Tony himself. There is enough material in one meditation to last several days. Extremely well done, and attested to by some users to lift one out of depression and into a spiritual frame of mind that is joyful and serene.