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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra allows you to relax deeply into the core of your being. The word “nidra,” itself, means sleep. In the practice of Yoga Nidra that does not mean physical sleep, but rather the profound connection with the peace and the joy of your heart. By listening to the voice of the instructor you will be able to quiet your body, you mind and even your emotions in order to discover the inmost source of your being. Whatever you wish for through the power of intention will start to become manifest in your life. And you will be at peace through this practice of restful awareness.



Lovesprings: The Way to Love (2 CDs)

In this 2 CD set, take a walk in the garden of Tony deMello. In that walk he will speak to you in the form of his last meditations. Imagine that he has selected these meditations just for you— to guide you on your spiritual path. He tells you of the need for solitude which brings you the regenerative power to love all beings and the earth itself. He has you explore the gifts that come your way from unexpected sources. And much more. His voice is soothing and powerful as he shares these insights with you. As he speaks he becomes your personal spiritual director. This is the Way to Love in Tony’s own words and voice.



Sadhana (12 CDs)

Now for the first time be guided by the words and VOICE of Anthony DeMello. Fr. DeMello takes you through the various methods of Meditation and Prayer chronicled in his bestselling book, Sadhana The CD’s deal with meditative awareness, use of fantasy in prayer, and devotional prayer. The voice of Tony coming to us from the time before his death is powerful and inspirational. These CD’s are a necessary complement to the book Sadhana. Together the book and CD’s offer a complete guide to the spiritual path of meditation. In the hope of inducing you to travel on this journey with Tony, the Center is offering both the book and CD’s at the price of $75.


WakeUpToLoveWake Up To Life (8 CDs)

Finally, here is the first audio recording of a full-length, live de Mello conference, the CDs which his audiences have requested for years. Even though de Mello gave innumberable workshops around the world, he never allowed any of his talks to be recorded. In 1986 at Fordham University in New York, he allowed this conference to be videotaped by a professional television company. On these CDs, you will hear Tony de Mello at his best, just himself, completely at home with a responsive audience. 8 CD’s



Rediscovery of Life (Satellite Retreat)

This wonderful one-day retreat was given live by Tony de Mello, S.J. and broadcast by satellite to 76 universities in the USA and Canada. Tony speaks and then answers questions from some of the three thousand students involved in the retreat. The program consists of 4 CDs and about five hours of talks and questions.



Wellsprings (8 CDs)

Wellsprings evolved from the many Sadhana courses which Fr. de Mello conducted during the last ten years of his life. These new exercises build on, refine, and expand the basic approach of Sadhana. Although they can be used independently, they presuppose Sadhana as a foundation.”The exercises of the book have a powerthat will not be experienced if they are merely read. They must be done.” (cd/book combo is $65)