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wake-up-spirituality (1)Wake Up! Spirituality for Today (DVD)

Father Anthony DeMello talks about praying from the heart. He is at his best in encouraging us to be fully in touch with truth, beauty, and joy. Fr. De Mello’s approach mixes common sense, startling originality, and wisdom from many sources in the East and West.


a-way-to-godA Way to God for Today (DVD)

This is the first DVD that Tony made in the USA. It consists of two DVDs, containing 6 half hour talks on Silence, Peace, Life, Love, Freedom, and Joy. Tony speaks directly to you. The DVDs are well suited for and are in frequent use in Parishes and Retreat Houses for Lent and Advent programs. They are very effective for home use.


rediscoveryRediscovery of Life Satellite Retreat (DVD)

This wonderful one-day retreat was given live by Tony de Mello, S.J. and broadcast by satellite to 76 universities in the USA and Canada. Tony speaks and then answers questions from some of the three thousand students involved in the retreat. The program consists of two DVDs and about five hours of talks and questions.